Service area
Manufacturing plant
Manufacturing plant
With an industrial park covering an area of 15,000 square meters, we have set up a design and R&D center, wood products manufacturing workshop, panel furniture manufacturing workshop, luminous characters manufacturing workshop, organic products manufacturing workshop, sheet metal products manufacturing workshop, quality management center, warehousing and logistics center, the parts required for commercial props are classified and produced, centralized assembly, and our products are exported overseas. 
The company upholds the concept of green environmental protection, adheres to the research and development to explore new products, and new technology, and according to customer demand, a kind of anti-acid and anti-alkali anti-corrosion and high temperature resistant easy to clean paint can be used in the series products (Patent No.: 201710764005.5).
Construction installation

Whole store is standardized for construction, service area covering China. Red Top Show has a meticulous layout of the service network, fully matching the terminal channel management of the enterprise. From the production and manufacture of props to the construction of the entire store, Red Top Show covers 34 provincial administrative units of the scale of construction strength, to ensure the commercial retail space within each region from the design drawings to the perfect implementation of three-dimensional display, creating offline stores “brand value terminal realization” for brand customers. 
SI terminal standardized construction 
SI specifications are implemented according to the precise implementation of the enterprise, and the entire store is perfectly copied with 1:1. 
Red Top Show has many years of experience in the practical application of brand SI, and is in strict accordance with SI norms for construction, to maintain a unified image of the brand. As the reality of the situation may be very different, red top show will not only avoid the problems arising from the traditional design, but also make flexible response for the actual space conditions: a high degree of visual unity of the brand is ensured, and with the premise that materials, processes, construction level is completely consistent, the flexible use of SI elements is used flexibly to create the situation of “harmony in diversity” for the brand’s subordinate concept stores, boutiques and flagship stores. 

Interior design
Hongdingxiu understands Chinese consumers and knows what they want
  • logical analysis
    Our creation of retail space is based on the high-level, multi-disciplinary and other interdisciplinary professional knowledge: starting from the insight into Chinese consumers, we can plan a reasonable , as well as the layout of display areas with distinct themes and different functions
  • design production
    Red Top Show focuses on the design of the consumer’s mind and knows the secret to sustainable profitability. Starting from the floor plan of the store, Red Top Show’s designers know how to make the future owner easy to manage their internal sales space: they are no longer limited to the interior space design, but create a "pleasant shopping atmosphere" for consumers, to enhance the brand experience of consumers, integrate and enhance the comprehensive ability of the brand in the terminal sustainable profitability. 
Store maintenance
For the after-sales service center, we have always been in line with the principle of “adhering to the heart to serve customers”
  • To provide stores with professional after-sales maintenance services; specially form relevant resources, set up a customer service department

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